About Us

The story goes like this

Boy sees girl and goes crazy trying to meet her.
Girl sees boy for the first time while he is wearing a shiny pink skirt.
Girl thinks…AWESOME!
Boy and girl dance all night long.
Boy takes girl on romantic midnight sailboat trip.
Girl is swept off her feet.
...then she moves to Thailand.

How we wound up on this adventure is a bit of a longer story.

Adam moves to Seattle for his dream job
Rachel moves back from Thailand to start medical school in NC

Adam moves to Norway for his job
Rachel is still in medical school
Adam moves to Singapore for his job
Medical school continues...Rachel becomes increasingly jealous of all of the cool places Adam gets to live

Adam moves to San Francisco for his job
Rachel studies
Adam moves back to Seattle
Thump!  That was Rachel's amazingly high stack of books falling on top of her

Adam and Rachel have had enough.  We buy a boat, make a plan, scare our families half to death and embark on an adventure before Rachel graduates and medical residency begins.


I am medical student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Go Tarheels!).  My mom picked the name Rachel because she didn't know any other Rachels.  Oh well, I figure with one of the most popular names of my generation a unique personality will have to do the trick.  I consider myself a North Carolina native, having grown up in Raleigh; bluegrass and barbecue are in my blood.  My first time on a sailboat was at Girl Scout camp (Gold Award Scout and proud of it!) and I was hooked.  Most of my experience came after college in Madison, WI with the Hoofers Sailing Club.  


Growing up in the Midwest ain't easy.  Riding boxcars, getting lost among the corn fields, tipping cows, speaking without any identifiable accent, watching the planes fly over from coast to coast...Actually, if you have ever been to Madison, Wisconsin, Adam's home town, you would know how far from the truth this is.  Adam grew up in the land of cheese and beer, two things he considers staples on the boat.  Adam has a passion for the wind through his work with wind turbines and now our home afloat.  Although he spent many hours fishing from powerboats with his family, his introduction to sailing and windsurfing occurred in college with the Hoofers Sailing Club.  He later became an instructor and was able to crew on boats during many of his adventures abroad; a big shout-out to the team on Tenacious at home in Seattle!