Tuesday, November 19, 2013


After rounding the cabo and heading north we caught a rare south wind into the Gulf of California/Sea of Cortez which shot us north to two rolly anchorages before we finally caught some sleep in the Bahia de Los Muertos. Oddly enought this bay has recently tried to change its name to Bahia de Los Suenos in order to increase property values and trouism.  Whatever the name, we spent a wonderful, restful day there snorkeling, hiking and socializing with some of our new friends from the Baja Ha Ha.  One of the other boats actually had a woman just my age who was a recently graduated medical student from Sweeden.  She and I had a great time exchanging notes about everything, work and not.

Currently we are anchored in Bahia Falsa, spitting distance from La Paz. For one day we shared the bay with only one other boat, but last night some other boats rolled in and we had a sunset happy hour on the biggest boat in the bay.  It was a great time chatting with all of the other cruisers and learning that we all have the same problems and challenges.  When you are on your own little boat sometimes it feels like you are the only ones constantly doing repairs and dealing with disagreements, but getting together with other cruisers reminds me that we are actually doing very well.  One of the couples had been married for fourty years and said that they had never had as many horrible arguments or tears shed as they have had in the last few months.  We have definitely had our fair share but, despite a few revengeful dreams no one has gotten thrown overboard...yet.