Saturday, December 7, 2013

Photo Update

I finally have a reasonable web connection so I decided to update you all with some photos.  We have been having a wonderful time making friends and getting to love Mexico.  There is definitely some boat work in the mix, but many of the projects are now just regular maintenance.  We are currently in Mazatlan.  I have to admit that I was very skeptical before our trip given it's reputation as a vacation center.  I was envisioning a mainland Cabo San Lucas, a place we could not wait to get out of.  Instead we have found a bustling but laid back city with a truly "Mexican" vibe.  The old historic center of the town is very much alive with art and music and there is street food everywhere you look.  Last night we brought home some very delicious tamales after stocking up on provisions at the Mercado Municipal.  Instead of staying in one of the marinas, which are way north of town, we are anchored within minutes of the old city center and right under the view of the world tallest lighthouse, which has been operating since the mid 1800's.  A very interesting place indeed and much less expensive than everywhere else we have been.  Although you could get lost in this city for years, we are about ready for some R&R at a deserted beach so we will be leaving for Isla Isabela in the next few days.  Definitely no internet there!
The setup for Thanksgiving

1) Rachel has definitely been getting busy in the kitchen.  A few days confined to the boat due to bad weather in La Paz made her go a little crazy...much to Adam's delight.  (A big thanks to everyone who sent in recipes after the last post.  Keep them coming!)

Did someone say pie?
A loaf of bread made in the pressure cooker to save on propane.  I didn't even know it was possible!  This recipe even uses seawater and tastes relatively like sourdough.

2) Sunny days fishing off the boat leads to great catches, both big and small.
Rachel caught a little grouper!

Adam displays our lunch while voyaging...fresh caught tuna.
 3) Sometimes you don't even have to seek out the wildlife, they come to you!  While sailing across the Sea of Cortez/Gulf of California one night we saw flashes of light at the front of the boat.  Not sure what it was we tethered in and headed to the bow.  Beside the boat were dolphins, racing and jumping our bow, aglow with glittering phosphorescence.  Definitely a trip highlight!
Adam checking out the bird that is taking a mid-ocean rest on our bow.

4) Adam spent his spare time practicing with the sextant. It turned out to be a little bit more math than he wanted while on vacation but he is sticking with it.

5) We have been trying to get outside to explore the Mexican cities and countryside.  Here we are in Bahia de Los Muertos (our boat in the background) and at the top of the world's tallest lighthouse.